Shenzhen Youjoys Technology Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to research and practice in the field of enterprise informatization for over ten years. As a rapidly developing solution provider, Longevity Lixin has always focused on enterprise information software solutions such as delivery systems and anti-counterfeiting systems. We adhere to the principle of down-to-earth development of more valuable software products and label coupon products for customers, and are committed to helping customers manage enterprise data and business in a simpler, more effective, and more practical way with technological innovation as the guide. We constantly strive to break through ourselves, and our current business has spread to more than 30 provinces and cities in China and Southeast Asia.

Typical well-known enterprise case: CRRC Group( https://crrcgc.haotihuo.com )# Born to Live( https://mi.haotihuo.com )Shaanxi Fruit Group( https://sgjs.haotihuo.com )

Transparent pricing and worry free after-sales service: providing the most affordable service at the most favorable price; Never mislead customers; No additional charges. Transparency: The service fees charged by Changan Lixin are presented in detail to customers; Never hesitate to speak; Never charge implicit fees. Timely: Activate customer services as soon as possible; Resolve customer issues promptly; Notify the customer of the relevant instructions as soon as possible.

Long standing: a name that contains beautiful blessings, representing a kind of inheritance and hope. Lixin: A person cannot stand without faith, and a business cannot thrive without faith.