Youjoys: a name that contains beautiful blessings, representing a kind of inheritance and hope.

Lixin: A person cannot stand without faith, and a business cannot thrive without faith.

The true long-standing Lixin stems from long-term efforts, dedication, and integrity!

Employee oriented - We respect and cultivate employees, encourage them to participate in the management of the company, provide them with broad development opportunities, advocate for selecting talents and avoiding relatives, and encourage honest and open communication among personnel at all levels of the company.

Customer First - Customers are always right, everything we do is to satisfy them, and we require the management of the business department to directly communicate with customers and understand their needs, in order to better provide customers with value-added services. We create a rich cultural atmosphere, allowing guests to feel the warmth of home.

Adhere to our duties - our goal is to provide customers with the best service. We pursue a work and life attitude of "integrity, optimism, and progress".

Development first - Our fundamental philosophy is to pursue continuous development. Viewing the achievement of a century long history as a long-term goal, and viewing this century long brand plan as a relay style marathon, we advocate for every employee and every manager to give their all in their respective positions and work at their best to achieve their best.

In the course of several years of development, the people of Changan Lixin have fully demonstrated the endless charm of the long-standing corporate culture, reflecting the unique business philosophy and cultural taste of Changan Lixin, and covering the true essence of enterprise success.

Long standing credit is a profound corporate philosophy that shapes the soul of a company, and the core of this philosophy lies in the communication and balance between people established through sincerity and respect, which is also the key to long standing success.

Today, we will continue to use our sincerity and dedication to do better, making Changan Lixin your best friend in life, and making the corporate culture contained in Changan our best communication with you.